Squat Rack Rank

When I first thought about writing this article, it was more just to rant about crazy fitness crap (there’s a lot of it out there) and gym behavior that drives me nuts. Since then I’ve decided to make it the spot to put new articles and ideas as they come to me, and then elaborate on them later for future use (book chapters, etc).

What’s with curls in the squat rack!!! I would think that by now it would be so cliche no one would be caught dead doing it, but apparently it’s still the thing to do. Yeah, I know, you can’t imagine why anyone would ever want to SQUAT, and the thought of picking a 65lb barbell up off the floor to do your curls is just too much effort to comprehend!

It’s also too much to expect for a gym to actually dedicate more than a fraction of the square footage to actual USEFUL equipment. So I guess I just need to get used to the fact that every time I head to the gym for leg day, I’ll have to sit and stare at the two idiots using the only two squat racks for arm curls, until one of them moves off to do trice kickbacks on one of the

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