Injuries SUCK!!

That’s no understatement, and I’m living proof.

I’ve got a completely butchered ankle from basketball and volleyball, herniated disk from recreational football, and a hopelessly messed up rotator cuff from motorcycle racing and mountain biking accidents.
I always say I’m not getting old, I’m just damaged from years of abuse.

I don’t regret playing sports (although maybe if I could do it over I’d play a bit more to my personal level), but what EVERYONE should regret is injuries in the GYM!

The gym should make you a better person, not cause you to deal with injuries that could last a lifetime.
I’m a big fan of many of the current trends in exercise.

It’s FINALLY fashionable to squat, and there’s now a line in most big gyms for the free weights while the nearly useless machines sit empty.
To some extent, this includes many of the “cross-training” type workouts. If you want a general level of overall fitness, there’s no denying most of these workouts will get you there. I just found a great list of injuries here

The problem is many of these workouts contain dynamic elements that are more useful for professional athletes than to your average middle-aged accountant.

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